Taking commissions: I need your help.

Some of you may already know, but most of you probably don’t, but my husband, Shaun Knowler, the guy who co-wrote Spotlight: Jazz and who was one of the guys behind the TF: Mosaic project on DA, is facing a sudden an unexpected health crisis. He has a mass in his chest that the doctors have decided that it’s some kind of cancer, though; probably Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Unfortunately, this means we have quite a long road ahead of us, and he will be unable to work for most of his treatment. I, having finally gotten the chance to move here less than 8 weeks ago, don’t have my visa yet and cannot legally work… and shit’s gonna be expensive.

So I’m opening up commissions to help pay the bills, to help pay for getting us to/from the hospital, and to help pay for medications.

For now, my rates are:

  • Sketch/bust: $10
  • Sketch/bust + color: $15
  • Full-body: $15
  • Full-body + color: $20

Takers have our deepest thanks! <3