I don’t do these very often anymore, but I do still take them. I much prefer to work in analog media now, so ink-on-paper or watercolor commissions will make me more likely to want to do what you have in mind. And I’ll be more than happy to mail you the finished piece too!

With that in mind, my rates are:


  • Bust/sketch, B&W: $10
  • Bust/sketch, color: $20
  • Full figure, B&W: $40
  • Full figure, color: $60
  • Full figure w/ background, B&W: $50
  • Full figure w/ background, color: $70
  • Extra figures, B&W: +$10 ea
  • Extra figures, color: +$20 ea

Busts and sketches are done on 6×9″ paper, everything else on 9×12″. B&W work can be done on colored paper, just tell me what color you’d like. Colored pieces are done on 5.5×8.5″ watercolor paper, which I cut in half for busts and sketches. Shipping to North America is included for commissions over $40. For other situations, get in touch with me and I’ll eyeball it.


  • Full figure: $20
  • Full figure w/ background: $40
  • Extra figures: +$10 ea

I no longer take digital sketch commissions. Everything here is done in full color and 300dpi so you can print it at home.


Interested? Shoot me an email with “COMMISSION” in the subject line.