All commissions are currently dedicated to paying bills and medical expenses while my husband undergoes cancer treatment. With that in mind, I cannot take requests for pieces that are highly detailed, realistic, require backgrounds, etc. for the time being. I am also no longer taking commissions for character designs – ie. you must have some kind of reference available – nor am I doing analog commissions.

Commissions are closed right  now. I’m gonna work through the queue I’ve got, and I’ll see where I am financially when I’m done. Those of you who who have already emailed me about a commission, I’ll continue to work with you but I won’t be soliciting any new pieces for the time being. Thanks to everyone who’s commissioned me so far. It’s been more than helpful. <3


  • Sketch/bust: $10
  • Sketch/bust with color: $15
  • Full-body: $15
  • Full-body with color: $20

For multiple characters, add 50% of the base price per character, rounded down. (So a full-body drawing of two characters would be $30, three would be $40, and so on.)


I don’t currently have a slot limit, but that may change. I’ll try to keep this list updated so folks know where they are in the queue. If you made a request through Tumblr, your username will be here; if you did it via email, it’ll be your initials or something to that effect.

  1. PJLC
  2. KSPS
  3. C McG
  4. Gift art for donations (x3)
  5. TDA
  6. KW


You can email me, or you can message me through Tumblrwhichever works for you, to let me know what price point you’re interested in, and what you’d like to get. Be as detailed as you’d like, or feel free to let me make something up. If your reference is highly detailed, don’t sweat it: that’s what stylistic interpretation is for! After that’s hashed out, send a payment via Paypal to secure your place in line, and that’s about it! If I need reference, I’ll ask that you send that via email to help me keep organized. Also: Please limit the number of commissions to 3 at a time.

When I’m done I will email you a high-resolution file that can be printed out or otherwise used however you want, provided my signature/watermark remain intact. Finished pieces will be posted here (which will then auto-post to Tumblr and Twitter). If you’d prefer that I don’t, contact me and we might work something out.

The current turnaround time is: 3-ish weeks.


I’ve set up a Ko-Fi account specifically for those of you who just want to throw a couple bucks our way without any strings attached.


Thank you everyone for the support you’ve given us through this difficult time. We really, really appreciate it. <3

(Oh, and if it takes longer than like 3 days for me to email you back, that just means I got busy and completely forgot. Please don’t hesitate to remind me and bump our email thread to the top of my inbox with a little note!)